Meeting Notice: Natural Heritage Study

South Nation Conservation invites residents to attend online public information sessions on draft Natural Heritage System (NHS) study maps developed for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG), and Prescott and Russell (UCPR). Feedback will assist in updating Official Plan policies for both Counties.

Please join us online:          

To learn more about the NHS, access draft maps, frequently asked questions, and report keystone wildlife sightings, visit: For more information: 1-877-984-2948 │

Mayor's Statement

Dear residents, 

January 15, 2021


Dear residents, 


This week, the Province of Ontario again declared a state of emergency due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections. With this announcement came a stay at home order. This is in addition to the lockdown measures already in place since December 26, 2020.


The City of Clarence-Rockland announced yesterday that its municipal parks, sledding hills, skating rinks and trails will remain open during this period. The objective is to allow residents and their children to get some fresh air if they deem these activities necessary for their well-beingYou must, however, remain vigilant and avoid gatherings.  If you find the place too busy when you arrive, come back later. We have established a maximum amount of people for each activity. To guide you, signs will be prominently located in each park very soon, if not already done.


Please, if you absolutely have to visit one of our municipal parks, stay within your family bubble, and stay at least two metres from other people. It is also recommended to wear a mask. As mentioned yesterday, municipal enforcement officers will closely monitor the situation to ensure that the sanitary measures are respected. If we find that the situation is becoming too dangerous to the health of residents, we will have no choice but to issue fines or close the parks.


I therefore ask you to leave your home only when it is completely necessary.  However, if we behave as if all our outings are necessary, we will be in lockdown for a long time to come.



Guy Desjardins


Respect Sanitary Measures in Municipal Parks

Clarence-Rockland – January 222021 – While municipal parks remain open during stay-at-home orders, we ask residents who must visit the parks to respect provincial sanitarymeasures. 

  • - Respect the maximum number of people permitted that isdisplayed at each site;

  • - Stay 2 metres away from others;

  • - Come back later if physical distancing is not possible;

  • - No team sports or gatherings, as per the provincial orders;

  • - Stay home if you're sick; waiting for test results, or travelled outside of Canada;

  • - Wash or sanitize your hands before and after visiting municipal parks;

  • - Use at your own risk as benches and other amenities are not sanitized;

  • - Please do not share equipment; including skates, gloves, sticks, sleds, skis; and

  • - Wear CSA approved helmets and protective equipment, not mandatory but recommended;


Outdoor Rinks Locations

  • - Alain Potvin Park(Skating Path)1245 Docteur Corbeil Boulevard

  • - École Sacré-Coeur - 2233, rue Dollard
  • - Cathy Cain Park - 374 McDermott Drive

  • - Cheney Park - 205 Grand Tronc Road

  • - Dalrymple Park - 1060 des Pins Avenue

  • - Hammond Park - 3154 Gendron Road  

  • - Laviolette Park - 1037 Laviolette Street

  • - Richelieu Grande-Rivière Park - 975 Laporte Street

  • - St-Pascal Park – 2410 Du Lac Road


Sledding Hill Locations

  • - Alain Potvin Park - 1245 Docteur Corbeil Boulevard

  • - Jules Saumure Park - 1753 Céline Street


Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing Trail Location

  • - Lavigne Natural Park - 3480 Marcil Road


Please note that the City reserves the right to close any of these premises at any time due the poor quality of the ice surfaces and/or poor conditions of hills/trails.

Testing of the Fire Hydrants Network

CLARENCE-ROCKLAND – August 9, 2019 - Please note that the Ontario Clean Water Agency, in collaboration with Hydra-Spec, will be conducting pressure testing on some of the City's fire hydrants as of August 12, for approximately four weeks.

Tests may create murky or rusty (red) water and cause drops of pressure during the testing. There is no health related risk and the municipality suggests that you run the cold water until the colour dissipates.

For information:

Nicolas Burelle
Infrastructure and Environmental Technologist 
City of Clarence-Rockland
613-446-6022 x 2251

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