Here is an overview of the major projects in the City of Clarence-Rockland for the year 2023.

Replacement of the watermain on Laurier Street - Completed


Replacing the watermain on Laurier Street between Simoneau and Giroux Streets. Also repaving the street on its full width.

No street closure planned. Traffic will be affected with alternating from one lane to the other in some areas of the project.

Approximate dates of work

  • Road work and watermain replacement between Simoneau and Pouliotte scheduled to be completed by October 28, 2022. COMPLETED
  • Road work and watermain replacement between Giroux and Gareau scheduled to be completed by November 25, 2022. COMPLETED
  • Landscaping including driveways - August 25, 2023
  • Sidewalk repairs - July 31, 2023 - COMPLETED
  • Paving - September 15, 2023 

Approved Budget



Charles Bonneau

Map of replacement of the water system on Laurier Street


Laurier West Culvert Replacement and Road Realignment - Completed


  • Replacement of a culvert at Lafontaine Creek.
  • Realignment of the curve immediately south of the culvert.
  • Installation of a new pedestrian crossing (with signage) at 2935 Laurier.
  • Complete closure of the street will be necessary for the duration of the work.

Approximate dates of work


  • Road scheduled to reopen by November 4th. COMPLETED
  • Work scheduled to be completed by November 18th. COMPLETED
  • Pedestrian crossing - COMPLETED


  • Sidewalk repairs - June 9, 2023 - COMPLETED
  • Landscaping work - June 23, 2023 - COMPLETED
  • Final layer of pavement from Laporte Street to approximately 100 meters south of Lafontaine Creek - June 30, 2023 - COMPLETED

Approved Budget



Alain Beaulieu

Map of location of Laurier Street Culvert Realignment


St-Jean Street Reconstruction/Improvements (including roundabout)

More Information about the St-Jean / Poupart Corridor Reconstruction.


  • Replacement and installation of new underground pipes between 920 St-Jean Street (Rockland Marine) and +/- 350 meters South of Dr Corbeil Boulevard. - Completed

            o Improvement and extension of the storm system from 920 St-Jean to the southern limit of the project. - Completed

            o Extension of the aqueduct from Patricia Street to Dr. Corbeil Blvd. - Completed
            o Sanitary system extension from Patricia Street to +/- 100m South - Completed

  • Construction of a roundabout at the corner of St-Jean/Dr Corbeil - Completed
  • Construction of a multi-use path, East side of St-Jean Street - Completed
  • Construction of a sidewalk, West side of St-Jean Street - Completed
  • New street lighting - Fall 2023
  • Final asphalt layer - Summer 2024
  • Landscaping - Summer 2024

Street closures:

  • No future street closures planned

Work dates (approximate):

May 1, 2023 to Summer 2024




Alain Beaulieu 

Map of St-Jean Street


Replacement of Play Structures

Description: Replacement of play structures at Richelieu Grande-Rivière, Laviolette and Bourget parks.

  • Removal of structures - Completed
  • Installation of new structures - November 2023

Work dates (approximate):   October to November 2023

Approved Budget: $251,000

Contact person: Alain Beaulieu,

Carte de l'emplacement des projets

Maintenance Work at Recreation Complex / YMCA

Description:    Maintenance work on the pool, sanding and varnishing of floors in the gym and studio as well as other minor work.

  • Pool - Completed
  • Floor sanding - December 2023
  • Others - December 2023

Work dates (approximate): July to December 2023

Approved budget: $250,000

Contact person: Charles Bonneau, 

Plan of project location

Construction of an Access Road - Postponed to 2024

Description: Construction of a non-public access road to municipal infrastructures.

Work dates (approximate): August to October 2023

Street Closure: No

Approved budget: $300,000

Contact person: Alain Beaulieu,

Location du projet

Paving - Completed

Description: Repaving of the following streets:

  • Des Érables Street - COMPLETED
  • Des Épinettes Street - COMPLETED
  • Des Pommiers Street - COMPLETED
  • Des Merisiers Street - COMPLETED
  • Des Cerisiers Street - COMPLETED
  • Des Ormes Street - COMPLETED
  • De la Forêt Street - COMPLETED
  • McDermitt Street - COMPLETED
  • André Street - COMPLETED
  • Juliette Street - COMPLETED
  • Notre-Dame Street (from Tanya to Des Pins) - COMPLETED
  • Adolphus Street - COMPLETED
  • Clarence Street - COMPLETED
  • Charlebois Street - COMPLETED
  • Claudette Street - COMPLETED
  • Paul Street - COMPLETED
  • Dubois Street - COMPLETED
  • Ramage Road (north) - COMPLETED
  • Lalonde Road - COMPLETED
  • Charron Street - COMPLETED
  • Ste-Anne Street - COMPLETED

Work dates (approximative): June to October 2023 More precise dates for each street to come

Street Closure: Temporary / Sporadic

Approved budget: $2.56M

Contact person: Alain Beaulieu,

Location of project

Notre-Dame Reconstruction

Description: Minor work on water, storm and sanitary sewer systems as well as reconstruction and conversion of the street to a one-way.

  • First and second asphalt layer - November 2023
  • Landscaping - Spring 2024

Street closure: Yes

Work dates (approximate): June to October 2023

Approved budget: $2.0M

Contact person: Charles Bonneau,

Location of project

Replacement and Corrective Work on 3 Culverts - Completed

Description: Replacement and/or corrective work of culverts on Tucker, Nolan, and Guindon Roads.

Street closures: Yes

Work dates (approximate): COMPLETED

Approved budget: $1.3M

Contact person: Alain Beaulieu, 

Location du projet

Location du projet