NEW & FREE! 🧩✨

Discover Rockland’s history in a fun way with Puzzle Blitz! This unique game, created by the local company Mobile Escapes, combines history, riddles, and puzzles for an unforgettable experience. 🌟

🔗 Play here or head out to explore—it’s even more fun!

📹 Watch this video to learn all about PuzzleBlitz!

📍 How to play:

  • Find and scan the QR code on 10 historical panels on Laurier Street.
  • Decode as many codes as possible in 10 minutes.
  • Complete a PuzzleBlitz to get a secret letter.
  • Finish all 10 PuzzleBlitz to discover the secret word!

📝 Rules:

  • Be respectful of public and private places.

Good news! More circuits in the rural part of the City will be added in the future. 🎉

Good luck and have fun! 🎉

The PuzzleBlitz historical panels are located at the following locations