The City of Clarence-Rockland is proud to count on the support of several community groups and associations. These groups are involved in sports and recreation, but also offer support services to residents. The City also has different services and programs to help these associations in making our community a better place. 

Apply for Material and Technical Support 

The City of Clarence-Rockland offers material and technical support to recognized organizations planning an activity or event held on the City's territory.

Support offered includes:

  • Tables, chairs and other equipment;
  • Promotional assistance;
  • Staff on site the day of the event;
  • Attendance of elected officials.

If your organization would like support, please view the policy and complete and submit the Material and Technical Support Request Form.

Financial Assistance Program

The City of Clarence-Rockland offers a Financial Assistance Program For Artistic and Cultural Activities held on the City's territory. This program helps groups organize a project or initiative in the field of arts and culture. Applicants have until May 1st, 2023, 4:00 pm to submit their application for funding. You can receive a funding application form by emailing Christine Sarault at 

2022 Recipients

Lise Perras - $1,000

  • Funding to hold art workshops

Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) - $906.25

  • Pay the costs for the hall rental at the Clarence-Rockland Arena for the artists' exhibition during the Clarence-Rockland Expo

Club Amicale Belle-Rive - $906.25 

  • To pay the costs for the rental of the hall at the Clarence Creek Arena to offer line dancing for seniors

Club Amicale Belle-Rive - $848.30          

  • For the rental of a hall at Jardins Belle-Rive for line dance classes for seniors from September to December 2022

Indigenous Grassroots Circle - $1000

  • Walk of Sorrow activities at Du Moulin Park

Jocelyne Leroux - $660

  • Christmas activities on the Prescott-Russell Trail in Bourget
Additional Information


General objectives of the Cultural Policy

According to the 2010 cultural policy – LOI 2010 - 01:

General objectives of the Financial Assistance Program for Artistic & Cultural Activities in the City of Clarence-Rockland:

RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS and encourage the population to take part in the initiatives of artists, cultural organizations and event organizers.

STIMULATE AND SUPPORT the arts and cultural community.

BRING TOGETHER persons of all ages around the arts, culture and heritage; bring together members of the arts and cultural community around common goals.

PROMOTE the realization of arts and cultural projects put forth by the community and ensure discussion.

FOSTER a sense of belonging to our community among citizens.

ENSURE that communication and promotional tools are implemented and maintained.

ENSURE the preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage of Clarence-Rockland.

The artistic and cultural life of the City of Clarence-Rockland is dynamic. The number of people who are passionate about arts and culture continues to grow, bringing a renewed vitality to the region. The City of Clarence-Rockland is aware that the region is bursting with talent that deserves to be seen and heard.

In order to enable the region’s arts and culture sector to flourish, the City of Clarence-Rockland wants to offer its support through a financial assistance program. This program is intended for artistic and cultural development organizations that operate on a project basis, and dedicated arts and culture organizations that prepare a special one-time initiative. A maximum of $1,000 may be granted per initiative or project.

Application deadline for 2023: May1st 2023


THE ARTS AND CULTURE includes all of the following disciplines: visual arts, media arts, crafts, song, music, dance, storytelling, literature, theater, and multidisciplinary arts.

  • A non-profit organization (NPO) or a not-for-profit organization (NFPO) recognized by the City of Clarence-Rockland means any entity with or without legal personality, whether public or private, which is not intended to seek benefits to be shared among its members with a physical address in Clarence- Rockland. * Organizations whose mandate is not primarily artistic, but which presents artists and their works or an artistic project (eg, community organizations such as the Optimist Club or the Knights of Columbus with an artistic or cultural project or program).
  • Ad hoc group is a temporary grouping of persons created for the fulfillment of an artistic or cultural task, a specific artistic or cultural initiative, on completion of which it is dissolved.
  • Individual artist is a group working together on their own initiative, usually under their own direction, towards common goals.


To be eligible for the Financial Support Program, the applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

➢ reside on the territory of the City of Clarence-Rockland;

➢ must demonstrate that the mandate and objectives of their proposed activity are related to the arts and culture and meets the general objectives of the cultural policy of the City of Clarence-Rockland;

➢ the activity must be offered to the residents of Clarence-Rockland;
must complete the application form for financial support and must submit their application no later than May 1st 2023 before 4:00 p.m.;

➢ must submit realistic budget forecasts demonstrating all sources of revenue (eg, grants, sponsorships, anticipated revenues from ticket sales, etc.);

➢ the activity must take place during the calendar year for which the grant was awarded;

*Being eligible and submitting a complete application does not mean that the organization will necessarily receive support from the City of Clarence-Rockland.

➢ must submit a report, including a financial statement and results, no later than two months after the activity. If you do not submit the activity report you will not be considered when awarding financial support for the following year;

What does the financial support program not subsidize?

➢ Fundraising activities, benefits and competitions;

➢ Organizations, groups or collectives that apply for support for self-financing activities, to pay debts, or to pay expenses incurred in a previous activity;

➢ Organizations and institutions that are financed by public funds (eg, schools, hospitals, visitor centers).


Each application will be assessed individually by the designated selection committee of 3 jurors.

1. Director of Community Services or delegate

2. A member of Municipal Council

3. Cultural and Community Activities Coordinator

4.1 – Role of the members of the evaluation and selection committee:

o Demonstrate vision, openness and generosity in their deliberations.
o Provide fair and objective opinions, based on evaluation criteria.
o Process requests fairly, without partisanship, without prejudice or bias.
o Work as a group.
o Express their opinions while respecting and listening to those of others.

4.2 Evaluation criteria and evaluation process:

The Financial Assistance Program must meet all eligibility criteria.

4.2.1 The City of Clarence-Rockland encourages activities that:

➢ enable the region’s arts and culture sector to flourish;
➢ encourage activities that promote partnerships between different groups in the City.

4.2.2 In order to allow an equitable distribution of financial support, the City of Clarence- Rockland will take into consideration:

➢ the target audience for each activity in order to allow an equitable distribution of financial support according to the age group(s) targeted by the activity.
➢ the artistic and cultural sector that is targeted by the activity.
➢ the geographic area in which the activity will be held.
➢ the percentage of NPO and NFPO members, ad hoc groups and artist groups residing in the City.

4.3 Required documents:

1- The duly completed financial support application form.

2- The budget forecasts form.

3- A final report, including a financial statement and the results obtained, no later than two months after the activity.


Apply to be Recognized as a Non-Profit Organization

The City of Clarence-Rockland provides physical, technical and financial support to non-profit organizations (NPOs) working within the City's territory. 

In order for your organization to be recognized and can benefit from the support of the City, please complete and submit the Recognition Application Form.

For information regarding recognition of non-profit organizations in the region, please contact Christine Sarault at or by phone at 613-446-6022 ext. 2237.


 Our community organizations are divided into five categories. This directory provides an overview of the groups and associations in the region, but also directs you to their pages. You can request to add your organization to this list, or update the information, by sending us an email at

Artistic and Cultural Associations 
Community Programs 
Social Clubs 
Sports Associations 
Youth Organizations