City parking rules and regulations in our By-laws and Policies are monitored and handled by our Municipal Law Enforcement Officers.

The following information is meant as a guide to help you understand where, when, and how long you can park your vehicle. More parking information and safety reminders can be found by reviewing the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Driver's Handbook.

Overnight parking

Unless otherwise signed, overnight street parking is:

  • permitted from April 2 to November 14
  • prohibited from November 15 to April 1 for snow removal

Parking limits

Always park on the street in the same direction of traffic. Unless otherwise signed, there are no parking time limits for non-commercial vehicles on our streets.

Obey parking limits on signs including:

  • time of day parking is permitted;
  • length of permitted stay; and
  • direction arrows to mark the boundaries of the affected zone.

No parking zones

Do not park within the boundary signs of a no parking zone including these four zones:

  • fire routes
  • loading zones
  • taxi stands
  • spaces designated for people with disabilities unless you clearly display an Accessible Parking Permit

Other no parking zones which might not have signage include:

  • within three metres of a fire hydrant;
  • blocking an entryway, driveway, sidewalk or crosswalk;
  • within six metres of an intersection;
  • on a bend or curve blocking traffic;
  • in the circle of a cul-de-sac;
  • on the wrong side of the road; and
  • blocking a parked vehicle.

Overnight snow removal

There is a complete overnight winter parking ban to allow for effective snow removal by city plow operators:

  • from November 15 to April 1;
  • between 1:00 am and 7:00 am; and
  • with the possibility of vehicles being fined or towed.

Daytime snow removal

As a courtesy to aid plow operators, avoid parking on the street during the day when possible.

Snow clearing and temporary zones

When the City needs to clear snow banks or remove snow:

  • temporary no parking signs will be posted on the affected streets 24 hours in advance;
  • owners are responsible for moving their parked vehicles; and
  • vehicles parked in the no parking zone will be ticketed and towed to a nearby street

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