The City of Clarence-Rockland is a modern municipality that perfectly combines rural charm and urban vitality. Clarence-Rockland is located on the banks of the historic Ottawa River to the north and in the shade of the tall pine trees of the Larose Forest to the south. Between these two poles, there are several communities with their own unique colours and charm.

From its humble beginnings as a lumber town over 140 years ago, Clarence-Rockland has blossomed into a beautiful city of nearly 25,000 people. Located 32 kilometres east of Parliament Hill and 145 kilometres west of Montreal, the region offers an excellent quality of life and countless business opportunities.


To be the best place to live that is welcoming, bilingual, self-sufficient, safe and family oriented. Clarence-Rockland will be a healthy, economically viable and environmentally sensitive community that will continue to invest in its future.


The City of Clarence-Rockland provides excellent municipal services by demonstrating leadership, creating partnerships and a commitment to meeting the needs of the community. Services are delivered in an efficient manner, while respecting the financial viability, the environment and the cultural well-being of the community.


The city adheres to the following values and is committed to:

  • Provide excellent customer service by researching and integrating best practices from similar municipalities and implementing continuous improvement strategies;
  • Conduct business in an open and transparent manner by sharing timely and relevant information with stakeholders;
  • Conduct business with integrity by being honest, consistent and accountable for all actions taken by the municipality;
  • Respect the individual rights of employees and community participants to support a work environment that exemplifies teamwork and mutual respect.