Development Charges

Development Charges are fees levied against new residential and non-residential development to help pay for the capital costs required to support new growth.

Fees are paid by property owners that are seeking a building permit to develop their properties.

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Current Development Charge Rates: 

2024 Dev. Charges Rates
CategorySingle and
(per unit)
Other MultiplesApartmentsNon-Residential
($ / sq. m)
City wide uniform charge $22,997 $17,690 $12,300 $105.79
Sanitary sewage $5,387 $4,144 $2,882 $37.89
Waterworks $3,680 $2,831 $1,969 $25.89
Grand Total $32,064 $24,665 $17,151 $169.57

The City of Clarence-Rockland's Municipal Council adopted the current Development Charge By-Law 2021-90 following a detailed Development Charge Background Study

Development Charges are indexed annually according to the Statistics Canada Non-residential Building Construction Price Index and the various rates are governed by the Development Charges Act of 1997.