If you are planning to do some construction work, find out before you start whether a building permit is required.

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Before you start

Before you begin the process, check with the Planning Department to make sure your project is compliant. Issuing a building permit can take several weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. It is therefore a good practice to plan your project in advance.

In order to obtain a Building Permit, the application form must be completed and submitted with all required documents. This application can be emailed to construction@clarence-rockland.com or submitted in person at City Hall at 1560 Laurier Street, Rockland, during regular business hours.

A lot elevation plan may be required for an application for a detached garage, shed or pool permit.


When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required for the following work:

  • Any new construction, including apartments, residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings;
  • Addition of a carport, garage, new rooms or floors;
  • Any alteration to a building, such as the addition of a deck, balcony, awning or dormer window;
  • Excavation work for the construction or expansion of a basement;
  • Construction of a building with a floor area of more than 108 square feet (garage or other);
  • Replacement of doors or windows when the structure must be modified;
  • Renovations, repairs or structural modifications to a building (removal of a partition or load-bearing wall);
  • Installation of a wood stove, a furnace, a fireplace or a chimney;
  • Finishing a basement;
  • Installation of a sign or structural tower;
  • Change in use of a building (example: from residential to commercial);
  • Installation of a new roof structure on a building (except replacement of roof shingles);
  • Construction of a retaining wall greater than 1 metre in height, as defined by the Building Code;
  • Installation or modification of the plumbing system;
  • Installation of solar panels on a building.

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