In the City of Clarence-Rockland, dog owners are required to purchase a licence for each dog.

Benefits of a Dog Licence

A dog licence offers the following benefits to its owner:

  • Fewer worries when the animal is lost. Citizens are more likely to approach a stray dog when it is wearing a tag.
  • Staff will be able to contact the owner immediately when the dog is found.

What does a Dog Licence support?

Dog licences support:

  • Accommodation of lost and homeless dogs at the pound;
  • Adoption and foster care;
  • Medical care for injured and sick dogs at the pound;
  • Investigation of complaints about neglected, noisy or stray dogs.

Lost Dog?

If you have lost your dog:

Follow them shovel in hand

Dog's feces pose a risk to public health, make outdoor activities unpleasant and pollute the environment. Help improve the public perception of dogs and dog owners - get into the habit of picking up your dog's feces and taking it home for disposal.