Our primary mission is to prevent fires and to provide a range of programs to protect the lives and properties of the citizens of Clarence-Rockland from the adverse effects of fire, accidents, sudden medical emergencies, exposure to dangerous goods or conditions created by man or nature.

The Clarence-Rockland Fire Department (CRFD) is a composite force of career and volunteer personnel covering a response area of over 300 km square. We operate out of three fire stations, an administration and emergency operations centre and a training facility.

Stations, Equipment and Response Area

Station 1 is located at 2130 Laval Street in Bourget and is equipped with:

  • pumper
  • tanker
  • squad
  • wildland fire capability

Response Area: rural and urban areas of Bourget

Station 2 is located at 1484 Landry Road in Clarence-Creek and is equipped with:

  • pumper
  • pumper-tanker
  • squad

Response Area: rural and urban areas of Clarence and back-up support for Stations 1 and 3

Station 3 is located at 1550 Laurier Street in Rockland and is equipped with:

  • pumper
  • quint
  • rescue
  • squad
  • marine Unit

Response Area: rural and urban areas of Rockland

Our services

We respond to emergencies including:

  • fires
  • rescues
  • hazardous materials incidents
  • environmental incidents
  • life threatening medical incidents
  • marine incidents

We are also responsible for:

  • fire safety inspections
  • fire investigations
  • enforcement of the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code, Fire Protection and Prevention Act, municipal by-laws, and fire control activities
  • emergency planning and preparedness
  • public fire prevention and safety education

Volunteer Recruitment

The Clarence-Rockland Fire Department (CRFD) is a composite fire department with a blend of volunteer and full-time firefighters. We recruit new volunteer firefighters each year for our three stations in Rockland, Bourget, and Clarence-Creek. We have approximately 75 volunteer firefighters at any given time in our team and we usually hire between 5 and 10 recruits annually.

Information sessions are generally held in the fall and will be announced on:


To meet the minimum requirements to be a volunteer firefighter position,

You should be:

  • a resident of our response area
  • functionally bilingual (French and English)
  • physically fit
  • at least 18 years of age

You must have:

  • a valid driver's license (G minimum, DZ preferred)
  • a criminal record check
  • first aid/CPR certification
  • grade 12 education
Application and Training Process 

After attending the optional information session, you should send your Resume and cover letter to: infofire@clarence-rockland.com 

Successful candidates will be trained at the Clarence-Rockland Regional Training Centre (CRRT); no prior firefighting training or experience is required. If not already trained/certified by another agency, new recruits will complete more than 200 hours of online and in-class training before responding to their first call. 

Green Flashing Lights 

Firefighters have green flashing lights on their vehicles so they can be easily identified by motorists and pedestrians when they are responding to an emergency call. 

What to do if you see a green flashing light

If you see a green flashing light in or on a vehicle, it means that a firefighter is on their way to the fire station or to an emergency call. As a courtesy, motorists are asked to pull over and yield the right of way to help the firefighter respond to the emergency call quickly and safely.

The flashing green light does not afford volunteer firefighters any privileges or exemptions under the Highway Traffic Act. Pulling over and yielding the right of way when you see the light flashing in your rear view is merely a courtesy for the firefighter trying to get to the station to get to the emergency call. Refer to the MTO driver's handbook or the Ontario Public Fire Safety Guidelines for more details.