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3480 Marcil Road, Bourget

  • 6.3 kilometres of walking paths (summer) and snowshoe paths (winter)
  • 5.5 kilometres of cross-country skiing paths
  • Wooded area

🌨️❄️On Sunday February 25th 2024, as part of the Bourget Carnival, the volunteers of Lavigne Natural Park welcomed the community for an afternoon of beautiful Winter Activities. Thank you for coming in such large numbers. 🌳🌲

People enjoying themselves in the forest in winter.


Park Location - Parks and Facilities Map

Park History

Group of people cutting a ribbon in a forest

At the request of a group of volunteers of Lavigne Road, Lavigne Natural Park was inaugurated on December 8, 2007 by the City of Clarence-Rockland. This land of 100 acres, located just northwest of Bourget, is a real natural beauty. The park is a protected area where animals, vegetation and birds can develop naturally and live peacefully. During the warm seasons, visitors can enjoy more than 10 km of trails. In winter, more than 5 km of cross-country ski trails and more than 6 km of snowshoe and walking trails are maintained. A parking lot has also been setup by the City at the park entrance on Marcil Road.

Lavigne Family

Old photo of man and woman

The Lavigne Natural Park was named in honor of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Léon and Georgiana Lavigne owners of this land at the turn of the 20th century. Some of the foundations of their residence are still visible in the park. This land was eventually sold to the village of Bourget for the installation of the municipal water system.

 Map of Cross-Country, Snowshoe and Walking Trails

Man with snowshoes and a child in cross-country skis

Access to the trails is FREE. Trails are maintained by volunteers and have a difficulty rating of easy and intermediate with a few steep hills identified with arrows on the map. Ski trails are identified in red and snowshoe / walking trails in yellow. On the map, easy trails are identified in green and are ideal for a family outing in nature.

A Map of the trails is placed at the entrances and at strategic locations throughout the Park. 

You can also access a map using the AllTrails application.

 Map of Lavigne Forest Trails

Trail Conditions

 cross-country ski trail

We post the conditions of our cross country, walking and snowshoeing trails on our municipal Facebook page. Please check this page often for the latest information. 

Bicycle Prohibited

sign prohibiting bicycles

Bicycles/Fatbikes are prohibited in the park. People that want to ride a bicycle/Fatbike are invited to use the trails in Larose Forest where the trails are designed and maintained for Bicycles/Fatbikes.

Maintenance and Respect of Ski Trails

Entrance sign that says to not walk on ski trails

All ski trails are for classic style skiing and are groomed regularly, even on weekends. They are generally accessible from December to March depending on snow conditions. In winter, we ask people to respect the signage and specially NOT to walk or snowshoe on the cross-country ski trails to avoid damaging them.


Woman walking a dog in the snow in the forest

Dogs are welcomed in the park as long as they are kept on leash at all times and that their poops are picked-up. In winter, dogs are only allowed on the walking and snowshoeing trails.