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The City of Clarence Rockland has retained Sierra Planning & Management to prepare a new Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to assist in supporting community revitalization, commercial development, and support for agricultural areas.

Through collaboration, the new CIP will provide evidence-based guidance on the most effective ways to stimulate economic development across a variety of sectors, property improvement, development, and redevelopment.

One of the key functions of any municipal economic development role is to ensure existing businesses across all industry sectors are supported and well positioned to maintain and grow their opportunities. The CIP is an integral part of the municipality’s economic development toolbox.

The 2017-2022 CIP supported businesses along the main commercial corridor along Laurier Street. The city provided 12 grants and invested $23,780 to support local business investments in the downtown commercial area revitalization. Projects supported ranged from façade improvements, energy efficiency improvements, landscaping, signage installation and permit application fees. 

The new CIP project will revisit the CIP Area boundary and lay out opportunities for the municipality to provide incentive-based programs as an economic development tool. Consultation with stakeholders and the public is the core part of the CIP project. 

What is a Community Improvement Plan (CIP)?

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool available to municipalities under Section 28 of the Planning Act.  CIPs are vehicles for facilitating revitalization and redevelopment efforts in a defined area(s). To carry out CIPs, municipalities can establish grants, loans, and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation projects which seek to improve areas in accordance with local goals and priorities.

A CIP establishes an environment that facilitates support for existing business and can play a role in attracting new business. The City of Clarence-Rockland supports economic development and commercial and industrial growth among other key strategic priorities. Through the development of this CIP, key target areas will be reviewed and upgraded to ensure that the city is positioned to support a competitive business environment. 

How can a CIP help business and property owners?

Private property owners and businesses can take advantage of the financial incentive programs contained in CIPs to achieve a range of community improvement goals such as improving property façades and redeveloping property.  

Project Timeline

Project Timeline is described in text below


Summer-Fall 2023

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Background and policy review
  • Best Practice Review

Winter-Spring 2024

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Municipal and stakeholder discussions
  • Focus Groups
  • Visioning Sessions
  • Online Survey

Winter-Spring 2024

Drafting the CIP and Public Meeting

  • Identification of the program suite, crafting of program details, detailing the funding strategy and monitoring program.

Winter 2024

Public Meeting

  • Statutory Public Meeting per Section 17 Ontario Planning Act

Winter 2024 - Spring 2025

CIP Finalization

  • Plan finalization and identification of marketing strategies to best promote the new CIP
  • Submission of Final CIP for Council Adoption
Information and contact

Ali Riel, Economic Development Officer, City of Clarence-Rockland

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