Residents of all ages need to be taught and reminded about fire safety and prevention. Giving presentations and interacting with the public is one of the most important and impactful parts of our job. 

We are always much happier when the prevention phone rings instead of the emergency line. 

You can help us to reach everyone in the community by inviting us to your school, club or event. We are ready with public education information on a variety of topics to teach learners of all ages how to be fire safe.  

We enjoy connecting with the community through:

  • public education presentations
  • portable extinguisher training classes
  • community events
  • fire station tours

Public education presentations

Our public education presentations are available for a variety of audiences including:

  • schools
  • daycares
  • social clubs
  • organizations
  • building owners

We customize our presentations for different audiences and age groups. Some of our topics include:

  • what to do when your clothes catch fire - Stop, drop and roll
  • home escape planning
  • cooking with teens
  • preventing slip and falls
  • and more

Community events

We attend several community events each year to promote fire safety and provide demonstrations of our equipment.

Station tours

Station tours are available at Station 1 (Bourget) 2130, Laval street or at Station 3 (Rockland) 1550, Laurier street.

To book a fire safety presentation, a station tour or have us attend a community event, please contact us by phone or email.

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