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Work at the wastewater treatment facility is nearing completion. The new grate and screen system, which controls odors, is not yet in operation. This will reduce the negative effects of peak flows that overload the system. Please refer to our Major Projects page for the latest information on this project

Many people are asking: Why does it smell?

Unexpected effects of Derecho - As a result of the major power outage experienced in Clarence-Rockland in the days following the storm, the wastewater treatment facility stopped operating at full capacity for 5 days. The drop in capacity caused a loss in good microorganisms and oxygen supply in the liquid septic tanks and increased the odor. It took us time to understand the extent of the situation and we have been working to regain the balance required to minimize odors.

Bi-annual lagoon maintenance operations - Once the water treatment process is complete, the stabilized sludge (biosolids) is pumped into two lagoons for storage.  Twice a year, the biosolids are transported by truck for disposal. In October 2022, our crews emptied the lagoons, and this created increased odors. This type of work is typically scheduled in the spring and fall when it is cooler. However, the unusually warm weather and low-pressure systems in late October and early November were a major factor in the increased presence of the wastewater odor.