January 19, 2023

Clarence-Rockland - The City of Clarence-Rockland Council approved its 2023 budget yesterday. The capital budget totals $25.2 million and covers investments related to growth, repairs and maintenance planned for 2023. 

This budget includes a tax rate increase of 3.89%. For an average Clarence-Rockland property valued at $310,000*, the impact of this increase is $85 annually. 

"With this budget, we are increasing our contribution to reserves by 2.02%, specifically for roads. This allows us to ensure additional and sustained investment in the improvement of our road infrastructure," said Mayor Mario Zanth. 

*Based on the Municipal Property Assessment by MPAC and not on the current market value of a property

Where will your tax dollars go in 2023?

The table below shows how the tax bill of an average property of $310,000 is distributed. It is important to note that the United Counties of Prescott-Russell's share is added to the bill. 

Figure 1 - Distribution of taxes in Clarence-Rockland

2023 Capital Budget

Capital expenditures include expenditures for the purchase, development or construction of new assets with a life span of more than one year. This budget will be used in the distribution of the City's programs and services, as well as expenditures to rehabilitate, expand or improve existing asset services. 

Figure 2 - Capital Budget

Figure 3 - Capital Budget (Other)

2023 Priorities

  • Redevelopment of St-Jean Street including roundabout at Dr. Corbeil Boulevard - $6,645,323
  • Road development for Bronze Avenue, which will connect Caron Street and St. Jean Street - $3,427,070
  • 2023 Road Improvement Program - $2,562,000
    • Includes the following streets and roads:  Des Érables, Des Épinettes, Des Pommiers, Des Merisiers, Des Cerisiers, Des Ormes, De la Forêt, McDermitt, Adophus, Clarence, Charlebois, Claudette, Paul Terrasse, Dubois, Ramage, André, Juliette, Lalonde, Charron and St-Anne.
  • Notre Dame Street Construction - $2,000,000
  • Repairs to Canaan Road between Wilhaven Road and County Road 17 (in partnership with the City of Ottawa) - $1,568,154
  • Replacement and rehabilitation of culverts on Nolan, Guindon and Tucker - $1,305,600