Flows and water levels continue to slowly decline at all locations along the main stem of the Ottawa RiverWater levels are expected to continue to drop by 30 to 45 cm over the next week due to the sunny and dry weather forecast.  

However, we ask that affected residents not remove their sandbag walls until further notice. We will communicate the next steps directly with them as soon as possible.  

Navigation ban and boat ramps 

Yesterday, the Canadian Ministry of Transport emitted a Temporary Order on navigation from the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge in Ottawa to Rockland. This is to ensure the safety of boaters and residents, to protect the temporary infrastructure that has been put in place, to avoid damage to property and to allow emergency responders to do their work. 

Due to this Temporary Order, and because the Ottawa River level is still too high, the boat ramps at du Moulin Park have not been installed. Thank you for your understanding.