Flood Watch: Update on Preparations 

In anticipation of the rain expected over the next few days, and based on information from the South Nation Conservation Authority regarding the risk of flooding, the City of Clarence-Rockland wishes to inform residents of the preparations that are underway.  

Containers filled with sandbagging materials have been placed on Voisine, Pago and Wilson Roads. The following items are included in the containers:   

  • Bags  

  • Sand  

  • Shovels  

  • A first aid kit  

  • A tent for protection againselements  

  • Relevant information 

City staff will make regular rounds of these containers to ensure that there is no shortage of material. Residents in the affected areas are encouraged to take advantage of this equipment. No volunteers are required at this time. 


A video on the construction of a sandbag wall, courtesy of the Canadian Armed Forces, is available on the home page of our website City of Clarence-Rockland and on our Facebook page. 

Useful information on how to prepare for a flood is available at the following link Floods | ontario.ca 

For up to date and official information on the current conditions please visit: