Lavigne Natural Park


3480, Marcil Road, Bourget

Park history: Following a request from a group of volunteers of Lavigne Road, Lavigne Natural Park was opened December 8, 2007 by the City of Clarence­Rockland. Located Northwest of Bourget, at the intersection of Marcil and Lavigne Road, this beautiful land of 50 acres is a small jewel hidden at the edge of the Morin Forest.  This park is a protected area where animals, vegetation and birds can develop naturally and where visitors can enjoy approximately 5km of walking (summer) cross-country ski and snowshoe (winter) trails maintained by a group of volunteers. The visitors also have access to a parking lot at the entrance of the park on Marcil Road.

Lavigne Family:  The Lavigne Natural Park was named in honor of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Léon and Gorgianna Lavigne who were the owner of this land at the turn of the 1900 century. We can still see some of the foundations of their residence.  This land was eventually sold to the village of Bourget to install the municipal water system for the village.   

Thank You:  The park committee would like to congratulate and thank the City for their initiative in creating a natural park as well as for their continuous support for this project.  In these times of climate change and environmental issues the creation of a natural park really shows the City's commitment towards our environment. It is small gestures like this that count. Bravo!!!


Volunteers and suggestion box:   For any comments, to learn about the current trail conditions of the ark or to become a member of the volunteer committee, please communicate with the city at the following number: (613) 446-­6022  e­mail: info@clarence­ 

Trails: There are lots of markers to indentify the ski and snowshoe trails. Where both trails cross, we ask that people walking and snowshoeing respect the ski trails by walking on the side of the trails.

Trail usage is FREE. We only ask that users respect the trails and bring back their litter to the garbage bin in the parking lot.

A map of the trails is posted at the entrances of the park and can be printed from the link at the bottom of this page.

Ski trail grooming:  The classic style ski trails are groomed by volunteers once a week normally on Saturday mornings. Skiers can find beginner and intermediate level trails.  These are ideal for family outings.


Trail conditions:   The natural park benefits from a micro­climate where the snow is present in quantity.  The ski and snowshoe trails are normally open from December to March.



To view the trails map, click here