The Clarence-Rockland Mixed 3 on 3 Hockey League is geared towards U7 to U13 players who can at least skate on their own and handle a stick with a basic knowledge of the game. This program offers participants a fun, free-flowing game, without stoppages or coaching, to give players a chance to build confidence, improve their decision-making skills and encourage team play.

Full CSA approved equipment is required, including a CSA approved helmet with cage and a neck guard.

If you're not sure which division your child is in, please consult this helpful chart from Hockey Canada.

Date: Tuesdays starting on April 2, 2024 to May 21, 2024

Time: U7 - 5:00 p.m., U9 - 6:00 p.m., U11 - 7:00 p.m., U13 - 8:00 p.m.

Cost: $235

Duration: 8 Weeks, 2 twenty-minute games per evening, 16 games for the season

*Please note that, unfortunately, we must shorten all 2024 Spring hockey programming due to the ice closure from May 27 to June 28 for repairs to the refrigeration system. 

Location: Clarence-Rockland Arena (8710 County Road 17)

*The U9, U11 and U13 divisions are now sold out.  Please Email with the name of your child and the desired division.  DO NOT register for a different division, as Refunds are subject to a $50 admin fee.  

U7 - 2 spots open

Still room for one U11 and one U13 GOALIE.

Registration Player

Registration Goalie

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Program Overview
  • 4 divisions – U7, U9, U11 and U13
  • HALF-ICE - All divisions play on half-ice. This gives players a tighter playing surface and more time handling the puck as opposed to just chasing it. 
  • 1 on-ice counsellor per game to help ensure fair play, inclusion and game flow.
  • Timekeeper to ensure that ice time is equal for everyone.
  • Efforts will be made to ensure balance in teams with an evaluation and realignment if needed after the first two weeks of play, and, as necessary moving forward.
  • Teammate requests will be honored where possible, though not guaranteed in order to maintain balance.
  • Jersey provided and is yours to keep.
  • Participants must be able to skate on their own and handle a stick; and have a basic knowledge of the game.
  • U7 division will have shooter tutors (no goalies or players in the net).
  • An information email will be sent out at least one week prior to the first game.
Rules and What to Expect

Rules and guidelines

The spirit of our 3 on 3 Hockey League is to create a fun atmosphere where players can play amongst friends and meet new ones all while enjoying fun and free-flowing hockey, without stoppages, face-offs, or coaches. We believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to play and grow in a safe, inviting environment. In keeping with this mentality, we have a ZERO tolerance policy to on-ice/off-ice violence, aggression, offensive and discriminatory language and any form of bullying or abuse in general. This goes for players AND parents. Any such act that is deemed to be a violation of our League policy will be reviewed and met with the appropriate actions (warning, game ejection and league ban). Parents are asked to stay out of the bench area unless specifically invited by City staff (in the case of an injury requiring parental support). This guideline is there to allow players to focus on play, and to alleviate the pressure of multiple sources of sideline coaching.

Spectators are not to yell at players or on ice staff from the stands.  If anyone wishes to provide feedback regarding any City-run program, we kindly ask that they email the Programs Coordinator at; or speak with the onsite coordinator.  We ask that this be in a calm, respectful manner, to which we will respond accordingly.


Parents are responsible for getting players dressed (if help is needed), tying skates and supervising (their own children) in the dressing rooms. *This is for ALL levels, including the U13.


Please note that there will be two teams per dressing room and that main rooms will be unisex. There will be a separate dressing available for any girls who wish to use it, please ensure that if you choose to use the separate room, your child is aware of their line # before heading to the bench. Please check the board for your dressing room assignment each week.


Players are NOT to enter the bench area until the benches from the previous games are completely cleared. Players who are dressed and wish to watch the ongoing games must go around down the hallway and enter the rink area from the outer door, and return the same way.


*Day1 note: Players and parents are asked to stay in the change rooms until the first games are complete, benches cleared, and City staff has made sure that everyone has their line number and jerseys.


What to expect

All scrimmages are played on half-ice using temporary bumper-boards placed along the center-ice red line.


All scrimmages are played in 50-minute blocks which includes a short warm-up without pucks and two 20-minute games. The buzzer will sound every 2 minutes to signal a line change. Lines will be determined ahead of time and each player will be numbered for their position on the bench to ensure smooth and organized line changes and equal playing time as best as possible.


In order to maintain a quick and consistent game flow, face-offs will only happen at the beginning of a match and penalties will result in a loss of possession. Exceptions to this rule apply if the behavior responsible for the penalty is against the code of conduct as previously indicated.


On-ice counsellors are instructed to intervene as seen fit to maintain equal play opportunity, game flow and fun for all.


Scores are noted in order to observe the balance of teams; however, they will not be posted to maintain the fun atmosphere this program intends.


Teams are made considering both friend requests as much as possible as well as perceived caliber of player. All team rosters are subject to change as priority is to keep balance among teams.


Players are required to wear full CSA approved hockey gear, including neck guards. Jerseys will be provided and given to players to keep. Please bring a labeled water bottle.


Finally, we appreciate everyone’s patience as we are continually developing and improving our programs. We welcome all positive and also constructive feedback and will do our best to work together as our program evolves.


Feedback, questions or concerns may be sent to