Green Roof

The Cultural and Recreational Complex is home to the first green roof in the City of Clarence-Rockland since the summer of 2012. The most visible aspect of this initiative is undeniably the living roof. You can view a slideshow of its installation by clicking here. The awareness to green roofs is nonetheless at the heart of the project's approach. With this in mind, several awareness workshops were held in the various schools in Clarence-Rockland and offered to the general public.

To maintain the essential aspect of awareness, a PDF document has been prepared to demystify this type of green infrastructure and to allow you to learn more about the CLARO Green Roof. Consequently, we invite you to consult the following PDF document to deepen your knowledge. In addition, you will find in this document the media coverage of the project, various resources and several photos and videos.

Implementation Guide

We have developed an implementation guide to make it easier for other groups who are interested in starting a green roof project. The Implementation Guide includes sections on: the choice of location, the choice of plants and maintenance, the funding and logistics, the partnerships and the awareness workshops. To download click here.