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Lottery License

General Clause 

Applications from organizations to operate lotteries with the City of Clarence-Rockland will be approved provided they fulfill the following criteria before a license is issued by the City and/or the Province. Profits must be destined for charitable purposes, the alleviation of poverty, the advancement of education and religion, the well-being of citizens of Clarence-Rockland or for specific projects or causes approved by the Municipal Council.

License Applications 

In order for the City of Clarence-Rockland to consider an organization's application, it must fulfill the following criteria:

a) An organization must be in existence for at least one (1) year before being considered eligible for a lottery license;

b) Lottery profits cannot be used to establish a religious or charitable organization;

c) An organization must have an Ontario business address and demonstrate that it has been established to offer charitable services within Ontario. It must also demonstrate that it will use lottery profits to achieve goals or objectives to benefit the province of Ontario and its residents.

Organizations submitting an application for the first time must provide:

a) A copy of the organization's letter of patents;

b) A copy of the letters of incorporation and/or the organization's rules and regulations;

c) A copy of the organization's budget for the previousr and coming year;

d) A list of the current members of the administration committee and/or of the board of administration as well as their titles and phone numbers where they can be reached during the day;

e) Any other information which will assist in determining the charitable nature of the goals and objectives of the organization;

f) Organizations must submit their applications to the City of Clarence-Rockland at least 45 days prior to obtaining the license;

Applicants for lottery licenses must make certain that applications are:

a) correctly and completely filled out. Errors and omissions can cause delays in the issuance of the license;

b) duly signed, filled out and submitted at least 45 days prior to the event.

Applications for bingo licenses for which prizes for one game total more than $5,500.00, Super Jackpots, raffles for which prizes for one game total more than $50,000.00 and all Monte Carlo activities requiring a provincial license must be sent to the:

Gaming Control Commission
7th floor
20 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ont M5G 2N6

All applications sent to the Ministry must include a letter from the Lottery Licensing Officer stating that the municipality does not object to the event taking place. For further information please visit their web site at

Lottery Profits 

All organizations outside the City of Clarence-Rockland, who are issued a license by the municipality, must give at least 50% of the net profits from lotteries to charitable purposes and/or the betterment of the community on behalf of charitable organizations in Clarence-Rockland which have been approved by the Lottery Licensing Officer.

Clarence-Rockland Associations

It is understood that international, national, provincial and regional organizations are not recognized as Clarence-Rockland organizations. Clarence-Rockland organizations must be headquartered in the municipality and have charity and/or community-related activities within the City of Clarence-Rockland. Organizations which only have a postal box in Clarence-Rockland will not be recognized.


Administration Fees 

A $20.00 administration fee shall be collected for the following requests:

a) every extension to the period of a license; 

b) every amendment to an existing license;

c) every letter or application for a lottery license sent to the provincial licensing authority by the municipality on behalf of a charitable organization;

d) every lottery report sent to the provincial licensing authority on behalf of a charitable organization.


Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Website