Important Notice – City of Clarence‐Rockland now offers a Vendor EFT Payment Plan
The City of Clarence‐Rockland now offers a Vendor EFT Payment Plan which provides an opportunity for vendors to be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly into their bank account rather than by cheque. The payments are made by authorizing The City of Clarence‐Rockland to make an automatic transfer of payment to a chequing account at any Canadian financial institution in order to satisfy a bill or invoice for goods or services sold to The City of Clarence‐Rockland.
Plan Details
‐ The Vendor provides their banking information to The City of Clarence‐Rockland.
‐ Whenever invoices come into The City of Clarence‐Rockland, the Municipality will pay the Vendor by a direct transfer (EFT) into the Vendor's bank account, not by cheque.
‐ The Municipality will e‐mail a notification to the Vendor with payment details, showing the total to expect, which invoices are being paid and how much is being paid for each invoice.
Eligibility Guidelines
1. A chequing bank account at a Financial Institution in Canada.
2. An Enrolment Form must be completed and submitted with one of the following (a PDF fillable is available on our website) :
a. a blank cheque marked "VOID", or
b. A clear photocopy of a blank cheque marked "VOID"
Requesting Changes
Written notification to The City of Clarence‐Rockland is required 15 days prior to a payment date for the following changes:
‐ Changing your bank account, bank, or branch; or
‐ Changing contact information.

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The Treasurer is responsible for the administration of all financial matters of the municipality. Based on decisions and policies set by Council, the Treasurer looks after the annual budget, requests for proposals, the municipal debt, banking arrangements, tax collection, water and sewer billing, as well as long and short term investments and loans.

You have questions concerning your tax assessment?

Contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at


Canada Post has a policy that mail will not be delivered unless it has the correct address. Make sure to verify your mailing address and notify us of any changes in order to avoid not receiving your tax bill and incurring interest charges for late payment.


There are 2 tax bills per year:

An interim bill due in 2 installments - February 28 and April 30,

A final bill due in 2 installments: June 30 and August 31 of each year.

There is an alternative method of payment of taxes known as the "pre-authorized payment plan". This plan allows the tax payers to pay taxes in equal monthly installments.

For more information, contact us at (613) 446-6022, ext. 2424

Water and Sewer System

There are 4 billings per year:

These invoices are due on the last opened days of



July and


There is an alternative method of payment for water and sewer bills known as the "pre-authorized plan". This plan allows the users to pay water and sewer bills in equal monthly installments.

For more information, contact us at (613) 446-6022, ext. 2240 or click here.