Statement from the Mayor

CLARENCE-ROCKLAND – August 13, 2020 – The last few months have been difficult for everyone and I would like to thank the population for its patience and collaboration as the municipality safely reopens its facilities. Since the beginning of the confinement, we have offered municipal services virtually, in addition to offering relief to businesses and residents.

I am happy to announce that the City of Clarence-Rockland received great news from the province of Ontario this week. As part of Phase 1 of the federal-provincial Safe Restart Agreement, the City of Clarence-Rockland will receive assistance in the amount of $607,400 to cover operating costs and pressures related to COVID-19.

The funding allocation will allow the City of Clarence-Rockland to offset expenses related to the reduction of revenues, incurred deficits due to reduced child care ratios, the adaptation of technologies for remote access and the retrofit to municipal facilities as well as the purchase of personal protective equipment for municipal staff in order to ensure everyone’s safety, to name a few.

I would like to sincerely thank the Federal and Provincial governments for its understanding of municipalities’ needs and for its constant support in these uncertain times. This funding will go a long way to help the recovery of our municipality.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage our residents to continue to wear their masks and to practise physical distancing. We are seeing the results of these measures and we must continue on this path for the good of our community.


Guy Desjardins



Statement from Mayor Guy Desjardins

CLARENCE-ROCKLAND – August 21st, 2020 – As you know, we are in the process of reopening our municipal services to the public. You can now receive your services at City Hall in person, by appointment.

We are taking all necessary measures to ensure your safety and that of our employees and we are confident that we will welcome you without an appointment in early September.

At the same time, Community Services are working at reopening the Clarence Creek Arena ice surface. We will be able to announce a date shortly.

Just before confinement, on March 11th, 2020, we took possession of our new Rockland Fire Hall. Like the one in Bourget, this Fire Hall is combined with the Paramedic Station of the Prescott and Russell Emergency Services.

We were looking forward to the official opening, as well as having you over to visit this impressive building. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, it is impossible to welcome you and to give you the grand tour. For this reason, we produced a video that shows and explains the different components of the building.

You can find this video on our Facebook page Cité de / City of Clarence-Rockland and on the welcome page of our website Please enjoy the video.

I would like to thank for your patience and collaboration during this period where we need to do things differently. Your understanding is appreciated.

Guy Desjardins

Drinking Water Distribution / Historic Agreement Between Clarence-Rockland and The Nation

CLARENCE-ROCKLAND AND THE NATION – August 26, 2020 – The Municipalities of Clarence-Rockland and The Nation are going ahead with the drinking water distribution project. The agreement between the two municipalities will be for 20 years, with an option to extend.

The project involves installing approximately 10 km of water main between the Cheney water tower, along Indian Creek Road, and The Nation’s existing water treatment plant, on Limoges Road, in Limoges. This will provide a better service to the citizens of the two municipalities, in addition to allowing growth.

The start of the construction of the new water main from Cheney to Limoges is scheduled for summer / fall 2021, and construction costs are estimated at $ 10 million dollars. The Nation municipality will provide an initial sum of $ 2.6 million dollars to Clarence-Rockland for the existing infrastructure.

“This agreement will allow us to provide a much better water supply for our residents. I would like to thank our water and sewer manager, Mr. Doug Renaud, and the executive committee who did a masterful job. Thank you also to the City of Clarence-Rockland for creating this regional water supply system, which is great news for users. A big thank you to the teams of the two municipalities involved, “stated the Mayor of La Nation, François St-Amour.

“The City of Clarence-Rockland is proud of this historic agreement with La Nation. The Ottawa River is an excellent source of water, and we are pleased to work with our neighbours to ensure that residents in Limoges have access to good quality drinking water. In addition, this project will generate supplementary income for our municipality,” added Guy Desjardins, mayor of Clarence-Rockland.


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Infrastructure and Planning

City of Clarence-Rockland

613.446.6022 ext 2270

Doug Renaud


Water and Waste Water

The Nation


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