Land Use Planning

Site Plan Control Approval is a means by which the City has the authority to influence and approve the layouts of certain types of development. It is concerned with such aspects as building location, drainage, parking, access to the site, and landscaping. The Director of Planning and Construction has been granted “Delegated Authority” to approve all Site Plan Control applications, except those in the commercial core of the urban area. Generally, a Site Plan Control approval is required for commercial and industrial developments, for certain residential developments, for the establishment of parking lots, for certain changes in land use. 
How to apply
Application forms are available at City Hall. You are required to discuss your proposal with the Planning Department staff before submitting an application in order to work out any issues beforehand. For the application, you will need copies of a recent plan of survey, a detailed site plan and other drawings. 
Submission requirements are outlined on the application form. 
What happens next
The application and plans for the proposal are circulated to City Departments and technical agencies, the Ward Councillor, and any Community Organizations for their review and comments.  Once all comments have been received, the assigned planner will contact you to discuss your proposal. The planner will then prepare a draft approval letter listing all conditions that need to be fulfilled for construction to be approved. 
Once the plans are approved, an agreement is prepared, listing the conditions for development. NO building permit can be issued until the agreement is signed. The agreement is binding on subsequent owners of the property. In certain cases, a Letter of Undertaking will be entered into instead of a Site Plan Agreement. 
If the City does not approve your plans, or if you do not agree with the conditions which have been imposed, you may request that the case be referred to the Ontario Municipal Board. Only the applicant may appeal a Site Plan to the Ontario Municipal Board. 
Other Permits that may be required
Zoning By-Law Amendment or Minor Variances
Heritage Permit
Building Permit
Cash-in-lieu of Parking