Joël Gauthier Skate Park


The Joël Gauthier Skatepark Committee is presently having a fund raising campaign to finance the purchase of additional structures to the skatepark located in Simon Park in Rockland.

Since it’s opening in June 2012, the Joël Gauthier skatepark allows amateurs skateboarders, roller bladders and BMX riders to practice their sports in a safe environment. Without a doubt, the Skatepark is a success, everyday teenagers from the whole region gather at the skate park for hours, practicing their sports. Our teenagers finally have a safe place to socialize.

Victim of its own success, the skatepark needs to implement phase two to expand and accommodate the increasing numbers of users as the existing structures don’t suffice.

As you know, adding new structures requires major investments. The skatepark committee, made mostly of local teenagers, wishes to raise as much money as possible in order for the phase 2 of the skatepark project to be a real success.

For more information, please contact Pierre Gauthier, President of the Skatepark Committee, at 613-446-1151or


Thank you  to all of our sponsors!