Infrastructure and Planning

The Infrastructure and Engineering Department is made up of two sectors

Public Works


Under the supervision of the Operations Manager, the team maintains and repairs approximately 250 kilometers of road surfaces, sidewalks, shoulders, bridges, culverts, surface drainage ditches and winter maintenance such as salting and sanding, snow plowing and snow removal.

Municipal Drains

Municipal drains are a very important component of the management of surface water for the rural sector of our community as they help to maintain a healthy environment for the agricultural sectors of our community.

Infrastructure and Engineering


Roads study by Qualitas (in French only)

Sanitary sewers

The collection system for the sanitary sewers consists of 40 kilometres of sewer pipes in Rockland. The maintenance of these pipes is assured by the Roads Department. The sewage treatment facility is located on Industrielle Street in Rockland and operated by Ontario Clean Water Agency which assures that the City complies with all related laws governing this type of operation.


Under the leadership of Director of Engineering, this sector is responsible for:

  • The revision of subdivision plans
  • The revision of subdivision agreements.
  • The revision of all plans.
  • The revision of elevation plans.
  • The inspection of ditches, culverts and roads.
  • The supervision of construction and repair.
  • The development of maintenance standards.
  • The revision of plans and specifications for various construction projects


The waterworks system consists of 50 kilometers of water pipes in Rockland, Clarence Creek, Hammond, Cheney, St-Pascal Baylon and Bourget. The maintenance of the waterworks system is the responsibility of the Department of Highways.

To ensure the quality of drinking water, the City contracted the Ontario Clean Water Agency to conduct the sampling and distribution at the water treatment plant located on Edwards Street in Rockland.


Contact Infrastructure and Engineering at (613) 446-6022

Richard Campeau, ext. 2239
Manager of Capital Projects

Denis Longpré, ext. 2299
Manager of Environment (Water, Sewer, Waste)

Annie Legros, ext 2207
Finance Coordinator

Carole Giroux, ext. 2285
Administrative Assistant, Infrastructure and Planning

Contact Public Works at

(613) 446-6022

Raymond Garner, ext. 2235
Manager of Operations and Engineering

Bernard Saumier, ext 2211

Operations Coordinator

Chantal Jodouin, ext. 2238
Administrative Assistant, Infrastructure and Planning