Environmental Activities

Clarence-Rockland Environmental Society

April 4, 2019Community Clean up, sponsored by Mayor Guy Desjardins and the Clarence-Rockland Environmental Society
The snow is melting leaving all kinds of visible waste : plastic bottles, cups, packaging, cans and bigger objects in the rural area. It is time to collect all that before bugs and plants arrive. We are inviting you to make a civic gesture, alone or as part of a group, on Saturdays April 13 and 27. It is a great way to highlight Earth Month. 
  • Reuse if possible, plastic bags like the ones used for wood shavings, earth, much. There are some available at (613) 446-6479
  • Be careful close to streams and roads
  • Do not pick vegetal waste like branches and leafs
  • Don't forget to sort aluminum cans
  • Contact City Hall during the week if you have collected more than 3 bags or found heavy objects
  • Students, for volunteer hours, contact (613) 446-6479
 You will find here safety tips from the City of Ottawa, GLAD Cleaning the capital event. https://ottawa.ca/en/residents/water-and-environment/green-living/glad-cleaning-capital
Isabelle Vachon and Danièle Vinette

Safety tips

  •  Wear gloves and appropriate footwear.
  • Wear pants and long-sleeved shirts.    

  •  If cleaning near a roadway, wear a safety vest and clean only the non-travelled portion of a roadway.

  •  Be aware of your surroundings and the potential hazards (i.e. branches, streams and poison ivy) and remember to put on protective eyewear. 

  •  Do not lift heavy objects.

  • NEVER TOUCH A NEEDLE OR A SYRINGE !!! CHILDREN should be taught NEVER to TOUCH a discarded NEEDLE or SYRINGE but to SHOW an ADULT WHERE IT IS.If not disposed of properly, needles can pose a health risk to the community and sanitation workers.   

  •  Should you find a needle or a syringe, do not touch and leave it there. Identify the location and contact the City of Clarence-Rockland’s Client Service Centre at 613.446.6022.

  • Children must never touch items like broken glass, metal or household hazardous waste. It’s a good idea to double up your garbage bags, or use a paper leaf and yard waste bag for transporting these items.

  • Supervise children in their cleanup efforts and emphasize that safety comes first.

  • After the activity, check your skin for ticks. Some ticks transmit diseases. If you find a tick, take the necessary steps to remove it.