Proposed changes - April 9th, 2021

     Dear parents,

    The Daycare Services have been working for a few months to set up an electronic platform to become a responsible eco-friendly service! This new platform will be a valuable tool to improve communication between the parents, the educator, the Administration and the Finance Department. See the address “Parent’s Portal” to the left of this page to connect to your online account.

Please note that the municipal daycares will be closed on the following 2020-2021 Statutory Holidays

2020 :  July 1st

            August 3rd

            September 7

            October 12

            December 25

            December 28

2021 :  January 1st

            February 15

            April 2

            April 5

            May 24


Our daycares are developed so that a child can benefit from a group experience. Our competent staff provides love and security to every child. The Early Learning Program is adapted to the age and interest of the child.

Your child will live different situations that will help him/her with his/her physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. He or she will also be exposed to situations that will stimulate:

  1. Curiosity, initiative and independence
  2. Self-esteem and decision making capabilities
  3. Interaction with, and respect of others

Our programs are re-evaluated regularly to reflect changes within the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014, established by the Ministry of Education and ideologies on Early Childhood Education.

The participation and opinions of parents are greatly appreciated. Participation is the best way for parents to be involved and informed in the quality programming of the Centre. The daycare staff is always open to your suggestions and any remarks whether positive or negative.

We realize that for you as well as for the staff, the children’s needs come first.

Director of the Community Services : Jean-Luc Jubinville 613-446-6022 ext 2236/Email 

Manager of the Daycare Services : Anne Morris Bouchard 613-446-6022 ext 2427/ Email

Administrative assistant of the Daycare Services : Catherine Viau 613-446-5853 ou 613-446-6022 ext 2248/ Email Fax 613-446-1497


If you would like to add your childs’ name on the waiting list, please click the option: Add your childs on the Daycare Services central waiting list under the Parents’ portal.

If you have questions, please contact Ms Catherine Viau by calling 613-446-5853 or 613-446-6022 ext 2248 or by email at

Clients account policy

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Pre-authorized payment plan

Parent handbook 

Emergency Management Policy


Ontario Dietitians in Public Health

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Health Unit of Eastern Ontario

Early On Activities


 Effective July 1st, 2018

 A non-reimbursable $30 fee will be charged for the opening of all new account for the Daycare Services.

Toddler (18 to 30 months) full days $52.05
Preschool (30 to school age) full days        $50.10
School age (4 to 12 years old)     
School Day $22.20
Full Day $31.25
School age - AM or PM   $16.65
A security deposit, equivalent of two weeks of daycare services, will be required to all new daycare clients upon their registration appointment.
Clients being partially sbusidized will be asked for a security deposit as followed : $150 for childen in toddlers' or preschoolers' group and $125 for children in school age group.
Security deposit will be reimbursed to parents upon withdrawal of their child.
   Security deposit
Plan A (AM and PM)   $222
 Plan B (AM or PM)  $166.50
Toddler (18 -30 months)  $520.50
Preschool (30 months - school age) $501
The fees mentioned above may change during the year. Parents will be notified of any changes.
Rates effective as of July 1st 2018


(18 to 30 months)



(30 months to school age)

School age School days

AM or PM only

Para scolaire

Pleine journée


$ 52.05


$ 50.10


$ 22.20


$ 16.65


$ 31.25


For questions about your Daycare invoice, interest charges, administration charges, NSF cheque, change information to your client's account (telephone number, change of address), service agreement, addition of service, calendars, pre-authorized debit, withdrawal notice, please contact Lynda Asselin or call 613-446-6022 ext 2246

We would like to remind you that there are administrative charges for payments received after due date. There is a charge of $10 for the statement of account that is issued for overdue accounts, a $20 charge for the calls; these calls are generally made on the 15th of the month following the due date. We also have a charge of $30 for the letter, advising that you are no longer eligible to receive daycare services, which is prepared when the payment is still not received.