Parking in the City of Clarence-Rockland helps retain and enhance the viability of the city core, through support of local businesses, institutions and tourism. Municipal parking is planned and controlled in conjunction with other modes of travel, including walking, cycling and public transit.

The City maintains and administers a variety of parking options and enforces parking regulations.

Common Parking Infractions 

Common parking infractions include: 

  • On a sidewalk;
  • Within 5 metres of an intersection;
  • Within 5 metres of a pedestrian crosswalk;
  • On a crosswalk;
  • Within 3 metres of a fire hydrant;
  • In a no parking zone;
  • In excess of three hours on streets (where signs are posted);
  • In a handicapped parking zone;
  • Where prohibited; and
  • Wrong direction on a street.

Parking Infractions Fine Amounts

Administrative Penalties
InfractionAdministrative Penalty
Park more than 15 cm from curb $85.00
Park facing wrong way $85.00
Park obstructing sidewalk $85.00
Park within 3 m of fire hydrant $100.00
Park in front of driveway $85.00
Park in front of laneway $85.00
Park within 6 m of intersection $85.00
Obstructing traffic $100.00
Park on crosswalk $85.00
Park on pedestrian crossover $85.00
Parking 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. prohibited $85.00
Park in prohibited area $85.00
Stop where sign prohibiting stopping is displayed $100.00
Park in no parking loading zone $100.00
Park interfering with snow removal and/or winter maintenance $125.00
Park detached trailer on street $85.00
Park heavy truck on street in excess of 2 hours $125.00
Park on private property $85.00
Park prohibited time as posted $100.00
Stop prohibited time as posted $100.00
Park unlicensed vehicle $85.00
Park vehicle for the purpose of selling it $85.00
Park on municipal property $85.00
Park and fail to display receipt $85.00
Park and exceed time displayed on pay and display receipt $85.00
Park/stop in taxi zone/stand $85.00
 Park accessible parking space on street/no permit $350.00
 Park in accessible parking space/no permit $350.00

Winter Parking Restrictions

From November 15th to April 1st of each year, the City's snow-clearing team is working to keep our roads safe and clear for motorists, public transit, pedestrians and cyclists.  Residents can help by ensuring that vehicles are not parked on the street during a winter parking ban.

During this period, street parking is prohibited between the hours of 1 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Additional Information

For any additional information, contact the Client Service Centre at 613-446-6022 extension 0.