The City's fireworks bylaw outlines the rules and regulations for the use of fireworks in our municipality.

Types of fireworks

Consumer fireworks:

  • are for use by the general public;
  • must be purchased from a Canadian retail store;
  • can only be discharged on designated holidays; and
  • do not require a permit

Display fireworks:

  • are not available for sale to the general public;
  • are for use by established groups and organizations at events; and
  • must be supervised by certified technicians; and require a Firework Special Occasion Permit 

Prohibited fireworks include:

  • firecrackers
  • fireworks not purchased at a Canadian retailer

Rules for consumer fireworks without a permit

When can you use fireworks?

Fireworks can only be discharged on the following days:

  • Victoria Day plus the day before and after;
  • St-Jean Batiste Day plus the day before and after;
  • Canada Day plus the day before and after; and
  • New Year's Day plus the day before and after

You are encouraged to avoid discharging fireworks when burn bans are in effect.

Who can use fireworks?

To use fireworks you must be:

  • 18 years or older or be directly supervised by a competent person older than 18; and
  • on your own land or have permission from the land owner

Rules for display fireworks with a permit

Any group, club or organization who would like to hold an event with display fireworks or other pyrotechnic technologies must:

  • obtain a Firework Special Occasion permit; and
  • submit their permit application no less than 30 days before the event

Contact the Clarence-Rockland Fire Department at 613-446-6022 to apply for a Fireworks Special Occasion Permit.

Firework Safety

Visit our summer fire safety page for safety and fire prevention information related to fireworks.

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