Barn fires are devastating for farmers and their livestock. Approximately 40 percent of all barn fires are caused by faulty electrical systems.

Prevent fire on your farm by monitoring and inspecting your buildings and equipment regularly. Here are some additional farm fire safety tips:

  • have your buildings inspected and maintained regularly by a licensed electrical contractor;
  • develop a preventative maintenance and housekeeping schedule to reduce the risks of a fire;
  • monitor the heat conditions of your barn using infrared technologies;
  • work with your local fire department and insurance company to identify problem areas on your farm, and fix any problem areas identified;
  • have a plan ready to deal with any emergency;
  • make sure you have enough fire extinguishers, and that they are in good working order;
  • train your family and employees on what to do if there is a barn fire. Plan what to do about livestock, who to call and establish a safe meeting point.

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