The City of Clarence-Rockland offers material and technical support to recognized organizations planning an activity or event held on the City's territory.

Support offered includes:

  • Tables, chairs and other equipment;
  • Promotional assistance;
  • Staff on site the day of the event;
  • Attendance of elected officials.

If your organization would like support, please view the policy and complete and submit the Material and Technical Support Request Form.


1.0 Policy Statement

The City of Clarence-Rockland recognizes the important contribution of non-profit organizations (NPOs) working in its territory, and specifically in community, cultural, social and recreational areas.

2.0 Purpose / Objective

The City wishes to adopt a policy that recognizes and adequately supports NPOs.

The policy aims to enable the City to work with NPOs to provide them with the ability to:

2.1 offer comprehensive activities and services to the City’s citizens.

2.2 promote the realization of projects helping to improve the citizens’ quality of life.

2.3 rally and encourage citizens of all ages to actively participate in community life, and take part in the City’s cultural and social activities.

2.4 encourage and support the activities and services in community, cultural, social and recreational areas.

3.0 Definitions

"City" means the Corporation of the City of Clarence-Rockland.

‘’NPO’’ means a non-profit organization.

A charitable organization means a not-for-profit organization or corporation that may:

  • Issue tax receipts
  • Receive donations from other charities
  • Not pay income tax
  • Be exempt from charging HST for many services
  • Be eligible to claim tax rebates for HST paid.

4.0 Scope

This Policy applies to all City of Clarence-Rockland personnel including employees, members of council, volunteers, students and contracted staff. It also applies to any organization, association, board, or agency wanting to be recognized by the City.

5.0 Policy Guidelines/Procedures

To achieve its mission, the policy sets specific goals.

The purpose of the policy is:

5.1.1 to establish a clear process that an organization/group must follow  in order to be recognized as an NPO with the City.

5.1.2      to establish clear and fair eligibility criteria that all NPOs must meet for fair consideration.

5.1.3      to define the different means of support available to NPOs.

5.1.4      to define the process that must be followed in order to access the different means of support.

5.2 NPO Recognition Process

Organizations/groups that wish to be recognized as a NPOs by the City must follow the following steps:

5.2.1      have a meeting  with a Community Services representative to discuss the organization’s/group’s eligibility as a NPO.

5.2.2      the organization/group must complete the application form found in Schedule B of this policy.

5.2.3      the Director of Community Services will assess the request for application.  If the request is accepted,mthe Director shall contact a representative of the group/organization to announce that it is recognized by the City and will be added to the list of organizations recognized by the City (Schedule A). If the request is denied the Director will meet with a representative of the group/ organization to explain why the group is not eligible.

5.3 Eligibility Criteria

All organizations/groups wanting to be recognized as NPOs by the City must comply with the following criteria:

5.3.1      provide humanitarian, educational, recreational, community, cultural or sporting services to the community of Clarence- Rockland.

5.3.2      the head office of the organization shall be within the City’s territory (with the exception of recognized charitable organizations.

5.3.3      hold the activities for which support is requested within in the City’s territory.

5.3.4      activities for which support is requested must be open and made available to the entire community and not only to members of   the organization/group.

5.3.5      be prepared to submit, upon request by the City, a financial report for each activity for which support from the City was provided.

5.3.6      be able to provide a financial statement showing that all of the organization's/group's profits from the activities do not exclusively benefit the group, but that they are also returned to the community or to a charity.

5.3.7      be in position to submit any other relevant information upon request to ensure the organization's eligibility.

5.4 Charitable Organization Recognized by The Government

Groups that are already recognized as a charitable organization with Canada Revenue Agency must meet the following criteria:

5.4.1      be recognized as such by Canada Revenue Agency (supporting documents).

5.4.2      hold the activities for which support is requested in the City's territory.

5.4.3 the activities for which support is requested must be open and made available to the entire community and not only to members of the organization/group.

5.5 Elementary and Secondary Schools

The City recognizes that the region's elementary and secondary schools play a key role on the territory's community, cultural, social and recreational areas. The support provided to NPOs is therefore also available for elementary and secondary schools within the region.

5.6 Support for NPOs

NPOs that are recognized by the City have access to the following forms of support:

5.6.1      Tangible support: meaning, in general, the loan of basic equipment (ex., tables, chairs, barricades, etc.).

5.6.2      Technical support: consists of assisting an organization to carry out their activities. This type of support can take on different forms such as support for advertising and promotion, invitations to elected officials, etc.

5.6.3      Financial Support:  Consists of receiving preferential rates for rental of the following facilities:

  • Paul-Guy Lalonde Community Hall
  • Alphonse Carrière Community Hall
  • Ronald Lalonde Community Hall
  • Clarence Creek Community Hall
  • Chamberland Centre
  • Optimiste Performance Hall
  • Baseball fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Concrete surfaced areas (interior)

5.6.4      Consists of the opportunity to submit a request to the following financial support programs:

  • Financial support program for arts and cultural activities
  • discounts on the ice rental rates for minor ice sport organizations

5.7 Allocation of Tangible and Technical Support

The allocation of tangible and technical support, as mentioned in Section 5.6.1 and 5.6.2, will be based on the following criteria:

5.7.1      The NPO must complete the application form for tangible and technical support attached to this policy as Schedule C.

5.7.2      The allocation of tangible and technical support will be based on a "first come, first served" basis  and the resources available at the time of the activity. As such, there is no guarantee that an NPO will receive the requested support.


5.7.3 All requests for tangible and technical support must be made in writing and delivered to community services at least two weeks prior to the event.

5.8 Allocation of Financial Support

5.8.1      Preferential rates of facility rental (see 5.6.3) will be applied directly to the final invoice that is submitted to the NPO prior to the event.

5.8.2      The distribution of funds associated with financial support programs will be based on the criteria established by each program.

5.9 Other Requests

Any requests for support that are outside the scope of this policy will be evaluated individually by the Director of the Department.

Local NPOs:

  • Minor Baseball Association
  • Minor Hockey Association
  • Ringuette Association
  • Municipal Park Association
  • Clarence-Rockland Artists’ Association
  • Celebration
  • Rockland Help Centre Literacy Centre
  • L’Escale Badminton Club
  • Le Partage from Bourget
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Choeur du Moulin
  • Golden Age Club
  • Figure Skating Club
  • Castors Jr. B
  • Club Junior C Club
  • Lions Club
  • Optimist Club
  • Richelieu Club
  • Recreational committee
  • Daughters of Isabelle
  • Minor softball league
  • Clarence-Rockland Pickleball League
  • Minor soccer league
  • Narcotics anonymous
  • Service d’entraide polyvalent pour aînés TVC22
  • Union des Associations paroissiales de Clarence Creek
  • Union culturelle des Franco-ontariennes

NPOs recognized by the government:

  • Rockland Air cadets
  • Roger Séguin Centre
  • Religious denominations
  • Elementary and secondary schools within the City’s boundary
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Scouts et Guides