Check the current burn ban or risk level by:

  • calling the open air hotline at 1-855-943-4088; or
  • on the main page of (no log-in is required)

Regardless of the risk level or burn ban in effect, you should always monitor for unsafe conditions. When the Fire Chief issues a partial or total fire ban you must limit your fires accordingly.

Burn ban risk level 4

Also called a partial fire ban, Level 4 prohibits all uncovered open air fires including:

Burn ban risk level 5

Also called a total fire ban, Level 5 prohibits all outdoor fires including:

  • wood burning barbeques;
  • camp fires;
  • burn barrels;
  • fire pits;
  • outdoor fireplaces;
  • any other type of open air fire;
  • fireworks (recommendation).

Outdoor gas appliances are permitted during all burn ban levels including:

  • propane BBQs;
  • gas fireplaces, fire tables and fire features

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