Your behaviour impacts your neighbours, just as much as their actions affect you. It is our experience that most conflicts between neighbours can be worked out with good communication and neighbourly etiquette.

Seven tips for keeping the peace and being a good neighbour:

  1. Be cordial. Introduce yourselves and continue with friendly greetings when you see each other. This paves the way for easier conversations when conflicts arise.
  2. Inform your neighbours. Let them know if you will be doing a project or having a party that might carry over property lines. Letting them know that you are aware of the extra noise, dust (and even smells) can make them less defensive and more tolerant of the temporary intrusion.
  3. Respect differences. Factors like age, culture, and even design taste can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings. Try to understand each other's view.
  4. Look at it from their angle. Think about what your property looks and sounds like from their view, inside and out. Considering your neighbour's point of view can help you be a good neighbour.
  5. Talk it out. If there is something that is bothering you, talk with your neighbour early and candidly so that the problem doesn't grow bigger. Many times, they are unaware that their actions are affecting you. If you leave it too long, the conversation can become unnecessarily awkward.
  6. Listen, breathe, speak. If a neighbour tells you about a problem, listen to their concerns and try to understand the issue. Then take a deep breath before you respond. This calm approach will help you to be less defensive and able to focus on a solution instead of adding to the tension.
  7. Reach out for help. If you are unable to resolve an issue with a neighbour and would like clarification about the standards and by-laws in the City, contact the Municipal Law Enforcement team. Our officers are literally here to help keep the peace.

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