In addition to the ice surfaces in our arenas, residents can skate and practice ice sports on the following outdoor rinks:

 Notice of Interest - Outdoor Skating Rink Attendant

Operation Services is seeking citizens or groups interested in maintaining the outdoor rink within the following park:

Cheney Park: 205 Grand Tronc Road

The chosen person or group is responsible for:

  • Building the ice surface
  • Clearing the snow
  • Watering the surface when needed
  • Cleaning the shelter

The selected person or group will receive monetary compensation of $ 225 per week for a maximum of $ 2,250 for the season. The municipality provides all necessary equipment.

Please contact Operations Services for more information or to signal your interest.

Martine Pigeon

(613) 446-6022 ext. 2314

Don't forget to come and have fun on our icy trails in Alain-Potvin Park at 1245, Docteur Corbeil Boulevard. You can also find out about trail conditions on our Facebook page.