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Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena : Corrections

ROCKLAND – March 24 2014 – It is premature to claim that the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena is presently for sale.

At the March 17th regular meeting, Municipal Council authorized, by resolution, the Director of Community Services to take the necessary steps for a possible sale. The necessary steps, as described in the resolution are: undertake a tender process to obtain the services of an assessment agency and undertake a tender process for the services of a firm that will conduct the sale.

Of course, any decision will be ratified by Council at every stage of the process. Even if the City receives an offer, it must be accepted by Council. We are therefore not going to get rid of the arena in the near future.

The decision to begin the selling process did not happen overnight. Since September 2011, the arena operates only a concrete surface used by several groups on a weekly basis and for special events. This use has demonstrated a municipal deficit of $ 171 318 in 2012 and the anticipated deficit for 2013 is $ 145,000.

In addition, with the opening in 2011 of a two ice arena in the Rockland area, there was no need for a fourth ice surface in the municipality. Community Services have also, after evaluation, determined that a fourth ice surface could have a negative impact on the income of the other three facilities, thus increasing the operational deficit.

Important dates

1972-1973 – Building of the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena

2010 – Audit of the state of the arena by Levac Robichaud Leclerc

2011 – Opening of the Clarence-Rockland Arena (two ices)

May 2011 – Municipal Council adopts the Community Services recommendations to define the arena’s vocation

September 2011 – The arena operates only the concrete surface and is used by many community groups.

September 20th 2012 – Public consultation regarding the use of the arena and more than 110 people participated.

October 15th 2012 – Deadline to submit comments to the Community Services regarding the future of the arena – 21 comments were received.

November 13th 2012 – Municipal Council adopts, by resolution, to proceed with tenders for the operation of the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena. This tender was published in local newspapers as well as on Merx.

December 2013 – The only group that had submitted a proposal, the Royal Canadian Air Cadet, withdraws from the process.

March 2014 – Municipal Council, by resolution, mandates the Community Services to initiate the tender process to find an assessment firm and a real estate firm for the future sale of the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena.



For more information

Julie Chartrand

Communications Officer

613.446.6022 ext 2227