Date: April 8, 2014
Time: 5:00 pm
Prepared by: South Nation Conservation

SOUTH NATION WATERSHED – South Nation Conservation (SNC) is updating yesterday’s watershed statement “Flood Watch” originally issued on April 6th.
Environment Canada (EC) is forecasting 3-5 mm of rainfall for tonight. In the last 24 hours, the SNC watershed received approximately 18 mm of rain in the southwest portions of the watershed (Spencerville area) to 29 mm in the remainder of the watershed. It is expected that stream flows will continue to rise and peak within 12 to 24 hours depending on the location in the watershed.
Due to the warmer temperatures experienced yesterday and today, the snow pack is melting, although significant snow amounts remain in the forested areas throughout the northern portions of the watershed. EC forecasted daytime highs are expected to reach 16 OC with night temperatures ranging from -3 to 4 OC for the remainder of the week. It is expected that the remaining snow pack will decrease significantly over the next few days
In addition, ice covered areas decreased today in the southern sub-watersheds; however, ice sheets remain in several areas throughout the north which could result in ice jams.
Residents are advised to stay away from rivers as the forecasted weather may rapidly increase river flows, cause slippery river banks, and weaken ice cover. Parents are encouraged to explain these dangers to their children.
SNC cautions residents to be aware of the potential for flooding, fast flowing water and the associated risks.
SNC staff will continue to monitor the water levels and weather forecasts as part of the Flood Forecasting and Warning program and daily updates during this event.
SNC encourages the public to visit our webpage at www.nation.on.ca and to also provide feedback with respect to changes in water related conditions in their local areas (i.e. high water elevations, road inundation, ice break-up, etc.).
All enquiries can be sent to Geoff Owens at gowens@nation.on.ca or Sandra Mancini at smancini@nation.on.ca. For additional information please contact at SNC 1-877-984-2948.

Duty Officer:
Geoff Owens
Cell: 613-551-9170

Alternate Contact:
Sandra Mancini
Cell: 613-551-3242

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