The City encourages the residents to learn more about autism

ROCKLAND – April 2nd 2014 – Today at 10 am, the citizens of Clarence-Rockland gathered in front of the City Hall to Raise the Flag on World Autism Awareness Day.

The symbolic gesture shows support and respect to people with autism. By participating to the Raise the Flag ceremony, the City contributes to the learning process of the members in its community.

Over 100 000 Ontarians have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Therefore, it is important to understand the condition and also to offer help to the persons and the families affected by autism.  

“The City of Clarence-Rockland is happy to participate to the World Autism Awareness Day. It is with pride that we hoisted the flag, a symbol of respect and recognition of the potential. The City undertakes to promote learning about autism among its residents declared Marcel Guibord, Mayor.

Also, Autism Ontario invites citizens to wear red to illustrate the strength and the passion that exists when sensitizing a community to autism.  They invite you to do it not only on April 2nd, but throughout the year.

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