Message from the Mayor

ROCKLAND – March 19th 2014 – It is with regret that I read yesterday and this morning the various media reports surrounding the departure of Mr. Michel Bellemare.

When Mr. Bellemare was hired, Municipal Council had proposed to give him a probationary period of nine months. Municipal Council decided on Monday to end the probationary period Mr. Bellemare.

We would have appreciated respect from the media and especially discretion regarding this situation. As I explained to the media yesterday, I had to finish all the actions surrounding this delicate situation such as informing the employees before sharing such information to the media.

I am disappointed by the lack of respect, judgment and work ethic from some members of the media. How can the media transmit information without first going to the source before sharing, as it should, the true facts?

Mr. Bellemare is a person with great qualities and we wish him good luck in his future endeavours.