Joël Gauthier Skatepark

ROCKLAND – March 18, 2014 – The Joël Gauthier Skatepark Committee has launched an important fundraising campaign for the construction of Phase II and III of the skatepark expansion project. Inaugurated in June 2012, Phase 1 of the skatepark is no longer adequate for the growing number of users.

 “The success of phase I of the skatepark is impressive! Our youths have finally found a safe place to socialize! Victim of its success, the skatepark now needs to start phase II and expand. We want to create a first class attraction centre for the community”, mentioned Pierre Gauthier, Committee Chairperson.

The committee’s objective is to build phase II at the beginning of Summer 2014 and conclude the project with phase III in Summer 2015. This new project will ensure that the number of skateboard and BMX type bicycle structures will double. This expansion will attract youths from surrounding areas who will support local businesses.


 Joël Gauthier was an original member of the committee and actively participated in the fundraising for phase I of the skatepark. Unfortunately, Joël never saw the park. The skatepark was inaugurated in June 2012, only a few weeks after Joël’s passing. The new committee now works to realize Joël’s and founding members’ dream, which is to build a safe place where youths can have fun and promote community spirit and physical activity.

 If you want to sponsor the park, please contact Pierre or Lynne Gauthier at or call 613.446.1151.



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Julie Chartrand

Communications Officer

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