Clarence-Rockland presents its final offer to the Canadian Union of Public Employees

January 28, 2014

Clarence-Rockland – The City of Clarence-Rockland finds it regrettable that the
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is engaged in a campaign that appears to
be intended to mislead the public about contract negotiations.

Contrary to recent statements by CUPE, the union did not propose “savings in the order
of $100,000 to the benefits program”. Union officials actually proposed to study the
possibility of savings by having the City seek the advice of a union consultant. This
proposal does not provide any guarantees of savings.

The City of Clarence-Rockland already took steps last year to achieve savings with
respect to its employee benefits plan. In fact, with the help of a new insurance broker
and the creation in 2013 of a consortium with three other municipalities—the United
Counties of Prescott-Russell, the Town of Hawkesbury, and Russell Township—the City
of Clarence-Rockland achieved real annual savings of $35,000 for its employee benefits
plan. Contrary to recent statements by CUPE, the City is therefore always interested in
finding real savings in order to control expenditures and better serve its residents.

Contrary to recent CUPE statements professing an interest in saving the City “a great
deal of money”, the sum total of union proposals would in fact significantly increase costs
to the City and require an increase in taxes.

“We continue to look forward to arriving at an agreement that is fair and reasonable for
employees, as well as affordable for the taxpayers of Clarence-Rockland”, said the City’s
Chief Administrative Officer, Michel Bellemare.

Information :
Julie Chartrand
Communications Officer
613-446-6022 ext. 2227