April 11 - update on spring floods

CLARENCE-ROCKLAND – April 11, 2017 - 3:30 p.m. – Please note that the following roads are closed due to spring flooding:

  • Du Lac Road - 800m south of Maisonneuve Road to Lalonde Road
  • Lalonde Road - 40m west of Labelle Road to Rollin Road
  • Labelle Road - for a distance of 100m south from Lalonde Road
  • Johnston Road - between Russell and Ettyville Roads
  • Boileau Road - 1.5km south of Russell Road to Ettyville Road
  • Legault Road - for a distance of 100m south of Butler Road (OPEN)
  • Lacasse Road - at 1.1 km south of Baseline Road

Please consult the maps below for more information. We will update you when the roads are re-opened to traffic.