Rescue and Tiered Response to Medical Calls

Most calls to which firefighters respond involve medical emergencies.

The key link in the chain of survival for both medical and accident victims is early intervention and emergency treatment. All firefighters can perform:

  • cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR),
  • airway management, and
  • advanced-level first aid.
  • a road accident,
  • a collapsed building,
  • an industrial accident,
  • a vehicle accident,
  • flipped machinery.

Firefighters may be the first to arrive at the scene. They will attempt to stabilize and monitor patients until the EMS paramedics arrive.

All front-line fire trucks in Clarence-Rockland are equipped with defibrillators and firefighters are trained in their use.

This continued training is to offer the population of Clarence-Rockland a better service and protection within the municipality.


Clarence-Rockland Fire Services effectively extricates people who are trapped in a confined space. "Extrication" refers to removing people from:

Vehicles are now often designed to protect occupants during a collision by collapsing around them. This can trap drivers and passengers. To deal with these problems, firefighters arrive at an accident scene armed with a vast array of hydraulic cutting, prying and pushing tools. Firefighters also have air chisels and air bags for heavy lifting.

In addition to this equipment, trucks called Pumpers have hand-powered tools equivalent to the Ontario Fire Marshal's recommendations. Heavy Rescues, another kind of service vehicle, are also equipped with the portable generators, lights and fans which are very helpful at Clarence-Rockland working fires.

Firefighters' most valuable tool of all, however, is their ingenuity and training. All Clarence-Rockland firefighters are trained in different levels of auto-extrication techniques using the equipment on their vehicles . Those members assigned to rescue vehicles practice their skills and rescue techniques on a regular basis in order to further increase the speed to save accident victims.

Water and Ice Rescue

Clarence-Rockland waterways are normally calm. For four months of the year, however, they are frozen and subsequent winter run-off raises water levels by as much as 6 meters, turning our rivers into raging torrents for two to three weeks.

Our Ice and Water Rescue Team responds to calls anywhere in the municipality.

The rescue team has the latest in immersion-suit technology and uses a sled where swift currents are suspected beneath the ice. The unit also has an 18' boat with a 70 hp motor.


Always keep pets and small children off rivers and ponds until you are certain that the ice is thick enough to support their weight.

Never trust ice that has a flowing current running under it. The current thins spots in the ice which may not be detected--until it is too late.