• Some passengers suffer from allergies, asthma and/or other health conditions that are affected by some or all perfumes. Please use moderately.


  • Please be respectful to other passengers during your phone conversations. If your conversation it too loud and/or disturbing, the driver could ask you to put your phone away. Same thing applies to IPOD/MP3 or any musical device.  


Please take note that it is strictly prohibited to smoke in the bus and shelters

As per By-Law number 2010-36: “For the purposes of subsection (1), smoke includes the carrying of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other lighted smoking equipment and facility includes only a building or structure”                     


  • Priority seating is available near the front of the bus for anyone who has difficulty standing.       If a passenger shows you a priority card or a passenger requires a priority seating (elder or pregnant woman…), please be courteous and give up your seat. If the person seating in a priority seat refuses to give his/her seat, the person in need can ask the bus driver for his help.

     Please be courteous toward people  

     in need of a priority seat.


By courtesy, please ensure that you use only one seat and put your packages on the floor instead of using a seat.

Thank you for your cooperation.